Another Back Door Assault on 2nd Amendment

Kudos to the JammieWearingFool for picking up on this threat against the Tiahrt Amendment, looming in the soon-to-be released Obama budget proposal.


One truly wonders if the Dems are in any way capable of learning from their own history. It was just one Clinton ago that they gave birth to the constitutional militia movement with their machinations to disarm patriotic Americans and socialize medicine. Over these very issues they got themselves deservedly thrashed in the 1994 congressional midterms. Now we get Eric Holder and this kind of mischief. The next congressional midterms offer little hope as far as gun rights are concerned, so one wonders where people will focus their ire this time around. Messing with people's Liberty is a dangerous thing, particularly when the ballot box provides no real hope.

Armed people who basically want to be left alone seem like good citizens and ideal neighbors to me, but then I don't run a meddling nanny state so what could I possibly know about good neighbors?

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