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Fooled. We were fooled. All the while we thought the anointed one was channeling Mussolini, he was actually busy cloning Robert Mugabe with a few Hitler genes thrown in - sort of a GMO tribal kleptocrat who tastes like chicken (or at least sounds like one) but with a bitter NAZI aftertaste!

This is America's "National Socialist Mugabe Moment."

Why do I say this? Simple - Benito's budget proposal is out, and it literally spells the end of America as we know it. This is an intensely ideological budget, designed to transform the country from the last vestiges of our Constitutional Republic to a totalitarian socialist state. Over three trillion in spending, HALF of which is deficit. That's right - a $1.75 trillion deficit! Further trillion dollar deficits are projected for subsequent years (on the off chance we're still around after this crushing blow.)

On top of the predictable taxes, there are more subtle taxes designed to alter the American landscape. A good example is the proposed tax on "the wealthy" by way of reduced charitable deductions, which translates into weakened charity/strengthened government!

Then come the sledgehammer blows: This budget counts on hundreds of billions in new carbon tax revenue, by way of government auctions of carbon credits to industrial users of energy. Apparently this is how they pass their gun control and new tax schemes - just include them in the budget and they become law!

This carbon scam extinguishes the last glimmer of hope for American industry by guaranteeing an additional permanent cost burden on American companies. Advantage: China & India - who get the rest of our manufacturing jobs if this deal goes through!

If he can't pull off this carbon scam, wanna bet the spending happens anyway and the deficit will handily exceed two trillion? This means a slower death by inflation - the inescapable "backup" fate that awaits us should we muddle through the short term.

If he can pull off the carbon tax, well, we'll die a much faster death. There's simply no way hundreds of billions in new carbon tax costs can be added to the price of goods and services without consumers simply saying "no" - something we're doing already. Add this to food costs and I'm growing a BIG garden. (Goodbye farmers, who use hydrocarbons intensively.) Add this to the price of gas and cars and I'm buying used and driving very little. What the heck - I'll be busy in the garden anyway. (Goodbye Detroit, car dealers and a lot of gas stations.) Add this to the price of a TV and I simply won't replace this one when it dies - I'm sick of their faces anyway! (Goodbye electronics industry, goodbye Hollywood, goodbye broadcast news. Hello radio, in all your fairness doctrine splendor!) The few goods I'll buy will have to come from the cheap labor third world, which of course won't be paying a cent in carbon tax on their use of energy.

If the carbon scam becomes law, look for massive layoffs, business closures and a rapid-onset depression. A MASSIVE depression, triggering widespread unrest followed shortly by a police state.

Exactly what they want - total power!

Referring to this carbon tax scheme during the campaign, Benito stated "utility bills would necessarily skyrocket." He meant homes as well as industry - I believed him then and I believe him now. If this comes to pass - if utility bills triple, quadruple or worse, then this essentially ushers in a new dark age - a pun I quite sadly intend.

I couldn't find that "skyrocket" clip, but here's an instructive montage:

No one is stupid enough to believe this will help America. This atrocity is actually the deliberate destruction of a country from within. Metastatic nanny state socialism, high levels of taxation and deficit spending spells the end of the American economy, the dollar and of Liberty. The only possibilities then are a regional/global currency or utter collapse.

If you wonder why gun control is being fast tracked, it's simple - they can't risk doing this to an armed populace!

America - 1776-2010 - Bled out, died of a thousand cuts.

May She Rest In Peace

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