Class Envy...

...is sick. Envy is one of the least becoming human traits, and by way of intellectual laziness we have allowed it to become a sharp sword for the political left.

Fact is, there isn't a person out there who wouldn't be thrilled to strike it rich or to win the lottery and thereby join "the rich." Even those few who would reject the lifestyle would happily take the money for the good (or ill) they could do with it.

Wealth is morally neutral. Wealth is also one of the natural outcomes of Liberty and should be revered as such. Class envy - class baiting, if you will - is no more respectable than any other kind of baiting or envy. It's not bank balance but the content of one's character that should occupy us.

This is one of those things that embarrasses the left, when we bother to hold it up for honest examination. Let's do exactly that!

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