Being right ain't necessarily a source of joy...

...and if you think I like watching this mess unfold you're sadly mistaken.

All this because I'm on record as pessimistic about the economy since 9/11, and on record predicting the collapse of real estate in 2002. (Premature prognostication!) Taking this in, a friend just accused me of actually reveling in this mess of ours - which is absolutely not the case. Alarmed? Yes. Enjoying myself? Not in the least.

I'd much prefer to be engaged in pursuits of my own choosing, but the damage done daily by government (not to mention the damage proposed) compels the attention of any thinking person - almost to the exclusion of everyday life. To have our nation deliberately harmed, our remaining Liberty stolen - not gradually but boldly, deliberately, rapidly...

(Just how do we describe the folks who can ignore current events? What of those who welcome them? Now there's a topic!)

As I said, almost to the exclusion of everyday life. Almost, but not quite! Just step back and learn from this - it should be obvious by now that placing any meaningful faith in man is a seriously flawed approach to life. Put your faith in God and you'll find real peace - even in this troubled earthly existence.

While times are certainly tough, you can enjoy yourself fully despite the circumstances. We're incredibly, richly blessed in America, and our blessings can be counted daily - even hourly, regardless of what our corrupt politicians are doing at the moment.

Our blessings abound. If you need to, make a list! Then, give thanks...

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