Look at that debt clock!

It's been 164 days since my last post about the national debt, and we're 11.2 trillion (plus or minus a bit of petty cash) deeper in the hole. Were it not for the robust recovery underway, such would be rather unsettling!

He's SO "third world"!

Poor guy, that Barry!

As the boy king's media induced luster fades and his diminutive stature emerges from the shadow of the facade, he looks more and more like the petty tribal kleptocrat he really is.

If there were even a smattering of "representative" left in the elected, his agenda would be dead. Despite the number of people waking up, it seems we're still deep in the woods and the fire danger is higher than ever...

Guess I should have been a doctor...

...because I knew Ted Kennedy was malignant 30 years ago.

I know we're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but hey - we're talking about Ted Kennedy here. What else is there to do?

As the bell tolls for the legendary Marxist party animal (and inventor of the waitress sandwich) I reflect on the fact that for nine-tenths of my life that fat bastard worked diligently to destroy liberty in America. If that weren't enough, I also understand full well that if I'd led the same personal life he lived, I'd be a convicted felon and a registered sex offender. Other than as a prison inmate, I sure wouldn't have been able to inflict myself on the entire nation at public expense. Power sure has it's prerogatives.

Suppose the Kopechne family showed up to pay their respects, or is public urination illegal in Massachusetts???

My Hiatus Ends...

The last few months have been consumed with my mother's death, my own relocation to an idyllic rural retreat and a new business endeavor. Work on the retreat continues and I'm not quite ready for winter yet, but life out here is good - VERY good!

I haven't been in any hurry to re-establish internet service, and it's interesting that I really haven't missed much in the way of news. (No matter how far away you move, you just can't escape reality!) Communication with friends, on the other hand, has been rather poor. Sorry! I hope this finds everyone as well off as our nation's predicament allows. I look forward to posting now and then and to getting back in regular touch with everyone.