Bill and Hillary were fairly alarming, but they were pikers compared to Benito Husseinolini Schickelgruber Mugabe Obama.

This new dude is hardcore! Fast track deficit spending/destruction of the economy. Fast track socialized medicine. Fast track domestic intrusions. Fast track gun control. Fast track carbon taxes. All in all, a fast track police state!

Pay attention!! We're witnessing an EVENT - a power grab of revolutionary proportions. Pay attention!! This is history in the making, and we should savor (not as in enjoy, but as in being fully aware) the significance of this moment as the pivotal event it is. Pay attention!! Succeed or fail, this one will be recorded for future generations to study - either as a socialist triumph or a restoration of Liberty. Pay attention!!

The day no decent person wanted is upon us - do we fight to stay free or do we go down with a whimper? Remember, the winners get to write the history!

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