Just Call Him Senator Backbone...

...as Judd Gregg has displayed exactly that. The temptation of a cabinet post must loom rather large for any Senator, even when it's the cabinet of the enemy. Gregg placed principle ahead of power, which is laudable. (It almost goes without saying that when it's the Obama administration it takes very little principle to run aground. Those are shallow waters...) Still, a laudable act indeed.

I don't know a great deal about Gregg. He is weak on the Second Amendment, which is (regrettably) enough. Much as I'm repulsed by the intellectual laziness of litmus tests it's amazing how predictably folks who are weak in defense of Liberty's Teeth vacillate on so many other aspects of liberty along the way. (Perhaps if I refer to it as a barometer...)

The Republican Party is conspicuously overdue for a renaissance, and our prayers should go with him as he retakes his place in the Senate minority. Perhaps, from this fresh position of moral authority, he will be the one to find whatever the heck it takes to "lead his people out of the wilderness". (They say weight-bearing exercise builds bone density, so such leadership could benefit his own backbone as well. Usually does...)

All the same, don't hold your breath. As respectable as this decision makes him, a single act should never be confused with a trajectory - particularly in these desperate times. Seems like a nice guy, but he's no Reagan. That, and I'm really wondering if Republicans don't actually prefer the wilderness.

(Interestingly, Gregg's birthday is tomorrow - falling on Valentines Day and just three days before mine. It would have been fun to send up a shout to his e-mail inbox but in that inimitable way only government can cause brain damage, the form has so many required fields it would take several minutes and compel the disclosure of too much to just say "happy" and "thanks for the backbone." Imagine complicating e-mail like that. "We have the technology but we really don't want you to use it." I enjoyed it while it flickered, but that form was kinda hard on my nascent glimmer of hope. Way to stay in the dark, there, guys...)

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