Revenge of the Octogenarians

Little did I know what awaited this afternoon as I stopped at a local hardware store to have a key made. Two old guys were standing just outside the door, and as I walked past one was saying "I have enough ammo to shoot every Democrat I know." He was so angry he was shaking.

An American! I'd stumbled on an American! I felt the thrill of discovery and such a wave of relief that I almost burst out laughing...

They were gone when I came back out. Crud! I would have bought them both coffee just to revel in their company for a few minutes. As I drove away I reflected on the experiences those old guys had lived through - from the Great Depression to World War II, the atomic bomb, the 60's, Viet Nam, Carter, the Reagan years, then through Clinton and now the Obamanation - from raising kids, to grandkids and probably great grandkids to watching the country they loved - and no doubt fought for - now being destroyed.

Poignant. Really poignant. I'm not ashamed to admit started to tear up a little at the thought. After all, this was America, which was once a free country. No wonder he was so pissed...

Forget the garden-variety democrats and save your ammo for the blue helmets - and may God bless you!
You made my day, you old coot!!

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