Obama Just HAS to be Meddling With Someone's Guns...

...so why not commercial pilots?

As I wrote in a newsletter shortly after 9/11 "the solution to air piracy is simple - arm the pilots! They're the ideal group to be carrying guns. Many are ex-military and are already acquainted with weapons. Many more are recreational shooters. They're all above average in intelligence, eye to hand co-ordination, motivation and learning ability. In other words, they're a shooting instructor's dream class! Let's arm them, train them and then show them shooting well on TV..."

Well, the government did go on - grudgingly - to allow armed pilots, but not without forcing them through inane bureaucratic hurdles. Now, the tyrant Obama has diverted funds away from this program, and that money will instead be used to harass the very same pilots being disarmed.

Read it and weep.

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