Congrats - You're a Militia Member!

Did you support Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr for president? Are you critical of the Federal Reserve? Do you speak out against socialized medicine, the growing debt, domestic spying or any of the many other infringements of our Liberty? Congratulations! According to your own government you're a domestic terrorist - a part of "the modern militia movement"...

State and federal government has been hard at work with it's surplus dollars (!) and abundant spare time marginalizing you as the member of a dangerous fringe movement. Your love for liberty has been officially defined as subversive and you're now officially no better than the neo-nazis. This scholarly study propaganda is the result of a "fusion" of state and federal resources and is being presented to local, state and federal law enforcement as an authoritative assessment of the domestic threats they face.

This makes a long and evident trend official: the police are no longer our friends. Not in any way. It's been easy to see this day coming, to watch the mindest of American law enforcement change so profoundly in my lifetime. They've gone from being civilian law enforcement to being highly militaristic. They've gone from being enforcers of generally reasonable laws to revenue oriented tyrants. Honesty - never a widespread characteristic of law enforcement - is now completely out the window. Where we the people have "imaginary friends" the police have "confidential informants." Almost all drug warrants contain outright fabrications to meet probable cause. As to the militarization of the police, almost every cruiser is now equipped with an assault rifle citizens can't buy, and most small towns have swat teams. The enforcement drones sport military haircuts and refer to us as "civilians"..

After decades of deliberately hiring new officers of only marginal intelligence, the resulting armies of unquestioning robots are now being TRAINED (at taxpayer expense) that your Ron Paul bumper sticker means you're a domestic terrorist!

Columbia Daily Tribune Article

Your tax dollars are being used against you. Deliberately. Your "servants" are being trained into an occupying force to oppress you. You are the enemy.

Now that you're a member of the militia, I sure hope you're "well regulated"...

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