"As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."

-- Justice William O. Douglas

It's obvious things aren't right with the world. There's an undercurrent of fear wherever one goes these days, but most people aren't equipped to understand what's really happening. They need eyes to see and ears to hear, but they've been robbed of these faculties by public education. In this transitional time, many still cling to the illusion that life can be normal again someday.

If you understand what's actually taking place, this thin veneer of normailty is surreal and the illusion that life could be normal again is laughable. Sure, we still go to work and get paid. There's still gas at the pump and food at the supermarket. We can still afford these things, so things must be okay, right??

The old arrangement is coming apart, and the Constitution hangs by a thread. Under the banner of hope and change, our new leadership is shredding the fabric of America and smirking while they do it! We're witnessing a bold, determined and thus far successful effort to eliminate Liberty (an arrangement that produces plenty and ease) and replace it with Marxism (a arrangement that produces shortage and hardship).

Under the guise of repairing the financial crisis that it helped create, the government is nationalizing every private business it can and is also enslaving every one of us through massive debt. The result will be fewer jobs, punishing taxes and little if any potential for future growth.

Under the guise of providing medical care for all, the government plans to take over our entire health care system. The result will be low quality, high costs and widespread rationing. (Ask any veteran how this works...)

Under the guise of food safety the government intends to seize complete control of food production and distribution. The result will be shortages, rationing and a frightening new era of government power - an era in which food is a weapon and only those who toe the line will eat.

Under the guise of "fairness" the government wants to tax steal from those who produce in order to spend more on government programs. The result will be more government, fewer jobs, a weaker economy and less for all of us.

Under the absurd notion that we have responsibility to protect Mexico from it's own corruption and violence, our government hopes to further restrict our Second Amendment rights. An increasing number of good Americans are weary of giving ground on this issue and the result next time it's tried may be civil war.

Note the operative words here: "take over" - "seize" - "nationalize" - "power" - "restrict"...

This is not the map the Founders gave us. In this brave new world, Liberty is always the wrong answer and dissent is quite unwelcome. Those who disagree with any part of this new course down the road to serfdom are now officially defined as domestic terrorists, and our taxes funded the "study" that supports this lie!

We're living in the twilight Douglas referred to. Right here, right now. We live a "normal" daily life while America as we know it is being dismantled before our eyes. We have transitioned from Liberty to indifference and then corruption. We're through all that and have moved into the last possible phase before collapse - unadulterated evil.

All that is necessary for this evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. It's up to us to try to write a different ending. It may not be possible, but we need to try...

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