Neglecting The Second Amendment??

A friend/reader has taken me to task for focusing so much on financial matters and ignoring the Second Amendment. I regularly comment on gun rights and will continue to do so. I make my own position clear. I also link to two of the best gun rights blogs - Sipsey Street Irregulars and Western Rifle Shooters Association. At the end of the day, though, I'm just not a one dimensional kinda guy!

I would point out that private property rights are equally important to Liberty and are currently under even greater attack than our gun rights. All our property (along with our labor) is denominated in the US Dollar, the value of which is being deliberately destroyed before our eyes. In this contrived crisis, private institutions are being nationalized and the public debt is rising to a level that will enslave the nation to the bankers. Jobs are disappearing. Homes are going into foreclosure. The investments of several generations are being wiped out. The total destruction of private wealth over the last few months is measured in trillions of dollars, and said destruction continues apace.

The economic mess is far more complicated, but it can be viewed in exactly the same way we view attacks on the 2nd Amendment: what's happening in the economy is not an accident, and it's ultimately our Liberty that's at stake.

It's my hope that everyone who is vigilant on gun rights would become equally vigilant on property rights! Sorry that there's more than one front in this war, but that was the enemy's choice.

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