Gaffe of the Year?

And it's only March!

(From foxnews.com)

"Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown came into the U.S. He gave President Obama several unique and priceless historical gifts based on the special relationship between the two countries. This is long-standing tradition. This happens all the time.

Brown gave President Obama a couple of things. One was a pen holder fashioned from the HMS Gannet. It is an anti-slavery ship. He then gave a framed commissioning paper from the HMS Resolute, which is the resolute desk in the Oval Office, the sister ship also of the Gannet. And then he also gave a first edition biography of Winston Churchill.

In exchange, President Obama gave Prime Minister Brown 25 classic American DVDs. Yes — I mean, he got that down. He can't even play them because he didn't get the ones that, you know, you can play over in England, because DVDs are printed differently in different regions so he can't even watch them.

And if that weren't enough of a diss to our greatest ally, Great Britain, Obama also gave back a bust of Winston Churchill, which was given to us on 9/11 as a symbol of unity. He said, "No, go ahead. Take it back."

This from an elitist pseudo-sophisticate who professes absolute faith in diplomacy! What a maroon! After eight years of listening to the left call GW a chimp, calling this nut job the monkey he is seems eminently fair and just.

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igor said...

No; it is probably only the gaffe of the month.