Tea Party!

National Plans for Tea Parties are afoot.

On 1 April 2009 everyone is asked to send a tea bag to the resident at 1600 Penna. On 15 April (the real April Fool's Day!) there are "tea party" rallies scheduled throughout the land.

I generally don't bother with protests because the beltway bandits and their bankster bosses couldn't care less. In fact, they welcome the expenditure of our energy on empty symbolic gestures. Meanwhile, the rape of America will proceed until we put a stop to it. From the behavior we're seeing out of Washington we can conclude they won't even consider stopping what they're doing unless they're forced to.

Tea bags won't do it. (In fact, the socialist set rather likes tea...)

Having said that, I like this tea party idea. It's perfectly relevant to the problem at hand. The critters we elect to represent us go to Washington and pass 1000 page bills without even pretending to read them. Both parties do it, and both parties know the outcome before they act.

When they don't bother to read what they vote on, they cannot claim to represent us - and it's time we stopped allowing them to pretend otherwise! The system is broken. It's hopelessly corrupt. We have taxation without representation all over again, and it's provable beyond any rational doubt.

Mailing in a tea bag won't cost you much. This protest is going to happen with or without us, and it needs to be big - big enough the media can't ignore it. Millions of teabags are just the ticket. If the DC post office is overwhelmed with planeloads of tea bags the word will get out! (I would suggest addressing the envelope to "President Obama" and then crossing the "P" out. That'll send two messages for the price of one!)

Also, attending the rally nearest you sounds like a pretty good idea. It's on April 15th, when the media always shows the late filers live, driving past the post office after dark. If the tea party protest peacefully spills over the Capital lawn, into the street and down the road, it'll make the evening news for sure. Regardless of their sympathies, the media just won't be able to resist covering the filers and the protesters on the same night!

These protests need to be orderly events just like Dan's Bake Sale - a phenomenon of the early Rush Limbaugh days that took place just north of me in Fort Collins, Colorado. That entire event came off peacefully, and when the crowd parted, all that remained was trash piled neatly by the overflowing trash cans. No muss, no fuss, no bad behavior and no arrests. That's how true conservatives conduct themselves. (This will be another stark contrast to the chaotic protest and litter that accompanied the Democratic National Convention here in Denver last year, and we can easily dredge up pictures to show the difference.)

April 15th falls on a Wednesday. It's just a month away, so get planning. Request a day off right now if you need to. I'd suggest that instead of carrying a sign, dressing like George Washington and wearing a replica flintlock would be appropriate formal dress for such an event. Barring costume, slinging a full-size toy rifle (like the ones the rifle teams drill with) may be just the ticket. Put your sign (if any) on a dowel stuck down the barrel. (Teabags are a fine reminder, but we need to let them know in no uncertain terms where they'll soon end up if they don't stop pushing - and a picture is still worth a thousand words!

It would be a good idea to find a spokesman for each group, and to distribute talking points nationwide. We need present a united front, and to let the elites know that we won't be heading home feeling good about ourselves on the 15th. The 15th is just the wake-up call - the notice that we've had it and that we'll be watching them closely the next morning to see if they get the hint or if we need to move matters to the next level.

Let's set about creating a shortage of tea bags, toy guns and George Washington wigs to go along with the shortage of real rifles! Then we can tip the media about the tea bag and wig shortage as well!

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