The Rush Limbaugh Flap

Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Forgetting their actions over the previous eight years, the leftists are suddenly quite exercised at the notion that "Rush wants Obama to fail." Of course, that's not what Rush said - he just wants Obama's ideas and policies to fail, in order for America to succeed. Not letting a little truth like that get in the way of a calculated propaganda ploy, they've made Rush the poster boy for the "hated opposition" and the putative leader of the Republican Party.

An old saying comes to mind: "superior minds are concerned with ideas, average minds are concerned with events and inferior minds are concerned with personalities" Doesn't reflect well on the Dems, does it? In truth, it reflects no better on the Republicans. They display nothing different in the arena of ideas, so Rush and the Repubs don't actually offer any real alternative to Obama. When it comes to government, a choice between bigger and biggest is no choice at all. Rush is (at best) just managed opposition.

Here's the perspective of a guy who actually has some ideas, like sound money, free markets and individual liberty (!):


Kyle said...

Hi fireplaceguy,

Sorry for the digression from this subject, but I had a question for you in response to your fireplace post at SSI.

I got a smoking deal on a newish house in the burbs last year. Here's the thing. There is no fireplace or woodstove. It has a gas "fireplace" and the furnace runs on gas as well.

The gas "fireplace" has a unit that juts out from the side of the house about 2' and is approx. 5' tall. There is a vent on the side mid-way up the box. My house is two stories high, and the top of the unit is no higher than the ceiling of the first floor.

All this means that I am not sure that this could be retrofitted for a wood stove and chimney arrangement, though my in-laws have a free-standing wood stove that vents out the side of their first floor and isn't terribly high.

My fence is only a few feet out from that side of the house, and something tells me that there are potential code or fire safety issues associated with putting a wood stove's chimney there... though it could easily be managed safely.

I know that as a professional you'd have to give it a look-see to be accurate in your assessment, but in general, do you know if this type of construction would rule out the installation of a wood stove in this location? If it does, I would have to find some other place to put it, and the options aren't great.

The house is in a great area that we chose as it is likely to be sustainable in a social crap-out. I have a job that is damn near recession proof, and though unemployment is at almost 10% in my state, my company is growing by leaps and bounds, and I have been continually promoted and taking on more responsibility all the time.

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

fireplaceguy said...

Kyle -

No problem! I re-posted your question in the preparedness forum (www.talksurvival.com) that is linked from this page. I'll get a response written up and posted and we can take it from there...