I Need Permission to Have Rights?

Imagine telling a journalist that they had to undergo a background check before writing an article, and that they had to pass another one for each new article they write.

Imagine telling a journalist that they couldn't carry a camera or recorder without a permit.

Imagine telling a journalist that nobody can buy a newspaper without first passing a background check, and that on a busy weekend it may take hours to perform the check. The police will be dispatched to arrest the buyer if he has an unpaid ticket. Regardless of the outcome of today's check, a new check will be required if anyone wants to buy the paper again tomorrow.

Absurd, you say?

Gun owners know these sensations well, and applying these restrictions to any other right illustrates the abuse we have suffered at the hands of those who wish us disarmed. We've backed up a little too far, if you ask me.

Morally, there is no reason anyone should be forced to seek permission to carry a gun. The right to self-defense is merely an extension of the right to life itself, and in no way is our right to life up for bureaucratic review. In fact, bureaucratic review of our God-given rights is precisely what the Second Amendment empowers us to resist.

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