The Thrill of Discovery

I was poking around on the web this morning and discovered Pro Libertate - the blog of William Norman Grigg, who wields a mighty keyboard. I have some reading to do! Pro Libertate is now linked from here.

A taste of recent gems, to whet the appetite:

"The desire for power frequently begets petty hypocrisy, which is among the world's most tragically abundant resources."

"The following year, Sitting Bull and his allies annihilated Custer's force at the Battle of Greasy Grass, an engagement the losers refer to as the Battle of the Little Bighorn. That Sioux triumph is the last victory won by any Americans in an armed struggle for freedom prior to the Branch Davidians' successful defense of their home against the ATF's criminal assault in February 1993. Alas, both of those triumphs proved to be tragically reversible."

"In fact, when former federal judge Andrew Napolitano observed that state legislatures have the authority to enact health freedom measures intended to nullify Obama's proposed "health care" legislation, Neiwert's reflexive response was to traduce the judge as a proto-Klansman, rather than to engage his argument in the fashion of a practicing adult. (In a moderated debate with Judge Napolitano, Neiwert would be whipped more thoroughly than a pint of heavy cream in a French pastry shop.)"

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