Icing on the Cake: A Plague!

A real live plague - of grasshoppers. (Gee - could God be angry?) Seems there's just no end to the bad news. According to the grasshopper gestapo, this summer will bring a far higher concentration of grasshoppers here in the West than last year, which was bad enough. A rancher friend of mine in Wyoming lost even more that the guy mentioned in the article, as he has a much larger operation. He was lucky, too, as we had lots of rain and very good hay crops here in Colorado, so he was able to cut plenty on his land down here. Trucking costs were bad, and he lost the revenue from sellng it. At least he didn't have to buy it outright like others...

This was all over the news this morning, but I found a particularly good article at the Wall Street Journal:

Grasshopper Plague

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