The Boy King and His Electric TelePrompTer

Either yesterday or today I caught a bit of the 4,388th or 4,389th Obama speech on matters economic. Whatever. Same speech, different day. Or same speech, same day. I have it - same speech every day. (Whew!) In the brief time it took to pick up the remote and turn the volume down, it hit me:

The reason Obama does so poorly without the TelePrompTer is that nothing he's saying comes from the heart. Nothing. He needs a script because he has to PRETEND he likes America. When that little screen goes blank, he's panicked. The reason for that panic is simple - he actually hates this country and wishes to destroy it. Every policy, every action is intended to do maximum harm to the very concept of America.

We've known that he hated America since before he was elected, but I just put two and two together regarding his consistent and abrupt descent from slick demagogue to babbling idiot whenever someone trips over the cord. He stumbles and stutters without his scrolling script because every word he utters in public must, by definition, be a carefully crafted lie. A big lie.

This is the guy who for twenty years sat in church and soaked in the rabid sermons about aids being a plot against blacks, with fanatical screams of "God Damn America" echoing in his otherwise vacant skull. It's not just that he doesn't care - it's that he's so far gone in loathing us that he can't even fake any caring on his own. He needs a script!

He's the destroyer, and he's hard at work. He's bankrupting us, financially, morally and physically, domestically and internationally. He's reducing America to true third-world status, and positioning us as an acquisition target for the new world order. Everyone who predicted that America would brought down from within is being proven right. Right here, right now, and right in front of us.

Turn up the volume, and pay attention!

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