Firearms Freedom Act, Take Five!

South Dakota joins Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Tennessee in signing a firearms freedom law into effect. If you don't know what this is, these laws are on the leading edge of retaking state's rights under the Tenth Amendment. Specifically, they state that the manufacture and sale of firearms within the state is exempt from any and all Federal control. Hence, outside the purview of the BATFE.

As with Wyoming's newly enacted statute, the South Dakota law includes specific fines and jail sentences for errant feds (and what other kind is there?) who interfere in state business.

This is the EXACT argument that states will use to get out from under the federal takeover of health care. We need to do two things:

1) Pay attention, and support all such efforts.

2) Educate. This is the teachable moment of our time. Dissatisfaction with federal power grabs is at an all time high. Teach everyone you know about the Tenth Amendment. Show them how the gun argument and the health care argument are one and the same, and that the feds have no business in either! Then, pick your next favorite federal encroachment and show how it fits as well. Each one teach one. Now!

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