Keyes: RINOs and the end of American freedom

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Home to roost: RINOs and the end of American freedom

March 27, 2010 Article link.

The headline screams “Obama’s health insurance rule it was a GOP idea.”

Republicans were for President Barack Obama’s requirement that Americans get health insurance before they were against it. The obligation in the new health care law is a Republican idea that’s been around at least two decades. It was once trumpeted as an alternative to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s failed health care overhaul in the 1990s. These days, Republicans call it government overreach.

Mitt Romney, weighing another run for the GOP presidential nomination, signed such a requirement into law at the state level as Massachusetts governor in 2006. At the time, Romney defended it as “a personal responsibility principle” and Massachusetts’ newest GOP senator, Scott Brown, backed it. Romney now says Obama’s plan is a federal takeover that bears little resemblance to what he did as governor and should be repealed.”

Anyone still in the GOP who claims to support the U.S. Constitution should read that paragraph from the AP propaganda meisters and realize how thoroughly they’ve been set up. They’ve been had; Punked; Played for fools; Taken down the garden path. For years RINO, pro-abortion forces have conned conservatives into aiding and abetting creeping socialism in America. With patter about “Big Tent” pragmatism, they’ve promoted an ideologically neutered culture of political relativism in the GOP. This requires pretending that from open pro-gay marriage pro-aborts like Rudy Giuliani; to pro-life, ‘big-government conservative’ oxymorons like Mike Huckabee they are all equally good guys; any one of them a great choice for America, just as long as they claim a Republican label. Taken individually, each represents a position that abandons or contradicts either the principles or the logic or the rational policy consequences of coherent conservatism. Taken together, they utterly destroy its consistency. But only candidates like them are viable, we are told. No others have any chance of winning.

By others, of course, they mean principled, coherent conservatives who advocate policies consistent with the principal goal of conservatism, which is to preserve, protect and defend liberty and the constitutional form of government that implements it. Behind the smoke screen of “Big Tent” rhetoric, they won’t punch your Republican ticket for admission until and unless you embrace at least one position that accepts, in principle or consequence, the assumption that socialism is inevitable and liberty is doomed. In the 2008 Republican primaries every one of the candidates touted as “viable”, and therefore worthy to be heard, paid the price of admission. Even an arguably consistent conservative like Ron Paul sounded suspiciously like Obama when he spoke about national security and foreign policy issues.

This insistence on political relativism deprives grassroots conservatives of a true and effective champion. It applies the conservative label to a self-contradictory mishmash that ends up seeming like something contrived to mask heartless selfishness, greed and imperialist ambition. In other words, it plays right into the caricature the left has developed to discredit conservatism. More importantly, it allows the elite forces of the left liberally to seed the GOP with double agents. As elected officials, these double agents emerge at key moments to sour the prospects for adopting and implement conservative legislation and policies (as John McCain so infamously has done.) As purported spokesmen for the “conservative” GOP they emerge in the media to validate and legitimize key elements of the leftist agenda. “How can anyone accuse so and so of being a left wing extremist when this or that Republican takes the same position?” As a result of this set up, the coherent, persuasive conservative cause can be banished as intolerant and inflexible. It’s logical and rational policy consequences can be stigmatized as extreme. And the governing conservative plurality of the electorate, that would otherwise coalesce to determine most American elections, can be prevented from rallying ’round what would be its unifying and therefore ultimately victorious standard.

Until now the RINO strategy could have been mistaken for nothing more than a shrewd way of eliminating competitors, and assuring that no true conservative could again achieve anything like Ronald Reagan’s ascendancy. But it was always more sinister than that. We have come to the moment that reveals its potentially decisive role in overturning the liberty of the American people, and the preeminent world position liberty has secured for them. A radical consolidation of power is taking place, putting it firmly in the hands of the elite few. The health sector takeover is a decisive aspect of that consolidation. Once it is entrenched, the overtly or covertly socialist minority will have become the exclusive gatekeepers of access to the promise of life and death. The demise of the old communist empire proved that controlling money and the means of production is not enough to prevent the uprising of liberty. Neither is external propaganda that indirectly manipulates the mind by controlling perception. The root of liberty lies in a psychological reality beyond the reach of such indirect methods. People are ultimately not controlled by what they see, but by what they worship, for that determines how they understand and react to what they see.

For decades the moral aim of the elite enemies of liberty has been to replace the worship of the invisible, essentially non-material Creator God of Biblical tradition with worship of the body, the idol of living flesh. Sensual comfort and pleasure dictate the rites of worship. But it is the preoccupation with physical death that ultimately assures submission to its will. “When you have your health, you have just about everything” the commercial whispers. There is a fearful corollary: if you lose your health, you lose everything. The stage is set to orchestrate the trial of hope and fear by which a free people will be condemned to lose their liberty.

The health care takeover is the final step before sentence is carried out. On the excuse that it’s needed to assure physical health, the principle of despotism is being introduced, as it has always been, under the guise of benevolence. Rights, which America’s founding principles defined in terms consistent with liberty, are offered instead as the product of benevolent coercion. Americans, until now challenged to live as responsible adults, are to be reduced again to the traditional role historically reserved for the masses-that of children ever under the watchful control and tutelage of their betters, the elite dictators for good, who will treat them as caring parents would.

But many Americans have not lost the prudent common among that characterized the founders of the American republic. If people are no better than children, who cannot be trusted to do themselves any good, then people entrusted with unchecked government power are children armed to do others the utmost harm. All of human history, including the depraved saga of communist people’s and soviet socialist republics, reiterates and proves the point. Unchecked elite power leads to unbridled repression, ending ultimately in massive slaughter and human misery. The American elite will be no exception. In fact, among them the triumph of moral relativism couples with habits of arrogant sensual indulgence that shrugs off all natural limits. Impatient of any boundaries, they are likely to explore frontiers of inhumanity that will make twentieth century totalitarians seem like poorly outfitted tyros. And like the computer hackers who occasionally wreak massive havoc upon the innocent enterprise of others (just to prove they can), they will take pride and pleasure in their handiwork.

No people in their right mind would consent to be the guinea pigs for this renewed experiment with elite despotism; especially not the American people. Therefore, they must be conned and punked and shammed into it. Right now the keys to a successful con are RINOs like Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, and the supporting cast that gives them credibility. Against the seemingly innocuous backdrop of American politics as usual, they represent the decisive sleight of hand, the culminating focus for distraction and confusion. In the midst of it, the elite enemies of decent freedom will lock in place the machinery of coercion and manipulation that completes the fences of the soul, the shackles of mind and heart that will first mollify and then subdue, and finally extinguish the ‘genius of the American people.’

If you are looking for hope in the face of this thus far entirely successful subversion of the American republic, think hard about what we have said: People are ultimately controlled not by what they see, but by what they worship. It is not for nothing that the elite subversives seek to banish the God of the Bible and of Jesus the Christ. For only if we restore America’s faith, will we have just about everything we need to restore and preserve America’s freedom.

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