Vocabulary Word of the Millenium: Innumeracy

Innumeracy is to math what illiteracy is to reading. John Paulos wrote the book by that name, and yes, it's in my library.

While perhaps 15% of our population is functionally illiterate - a term indicating the inability to navigate through the basic paperwork of life - something approaching half of our population is innumerate.

This is no accident. The illiterate and the innumerate are the effluent of the public school system. One of the consequences of innumeracy is rampant liberalism - a condition which suits modern government just fine. Anyone conversant with math understands that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and that lunch stolen from a third party isn't free at all either. Underlying this moral precept is mathematical law, and I would argue that mathematics and morality are in fact inseparable.

Innumeracy figures in many of the posts I'm working on, so read up...

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