Reason and Logic

I've long held that committed leftists are inaccessible by way of reason and logic. Yet, being reasoning and logical people, most conservative arguments including my own remain rooted in reason and logic. From there, it's easy for us to end up on the defensive against emotional arguments.

It's time to change the conversation...

The most effective change we can make is to take a page out of the left's own playbook, and start asking questions like:

"Why do you hate freedom?"

"Why are you ruining the economy?"

"Why are you depriving America of oil?"

"Why are you ignoring the law?"

"Why are you bankrupting us?"

The point is to cut to the chase and identify their end game in our questions. Don't just complain that they're doing it - ask why! Everyone knows what's going on here, and it's high time to acknowledge it with questions that put THEM on the defensive!

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