A fine definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Like voting...

The Repubs, who have betrayed our trust over and over, are about to be given another chance at power - a chance they have not earned and do not deserve. It's like the Peanuts cartoon - the Republicans are Lucy and the conservative voters are Charlie Brown. That football will be yanked away again, just the moment we vote for them. I guarantee it.

Admittedly, we have a distinct left and right wing in politics, but can't everyone see these wings are attached to the same bird? Vote for the Left wing - get a big government police state. Vote for the Right wing - get a big government police state. Sure, the Dhimmicrats gave us Hillary Clinton where the Repubs gave us Condi Rice, but beyond the aesthetic there are no meaningful choices.

And for God's sake, can't everyone see the obvious power behind the throne by now?

Even if such weren't the case, the ballot box is so compromised as to be useless. Both parties squabble for power that means something to them, but nothing to us. They fight to align districts to invalidate elections. Blatant manipulation, intimidation and outright vote fraud goes not just unpunished, but largely unnoticed. The arrogance of Barry and the Dhimmicrats goes beyond his personal narcissism and their vast power - it stems as well from their intent to pass "comprehensive immigration reform" and thus never face an honest election again.

There's an old bumper sticker that said "don't vote - it just encourages them" and there's a lot of truth in this. Regardless of who we vote for, the act of voting ratifies the fraud. Participation is a form of consent, after all. A low single digit voter turnout is precisely the lack of consent our political system deserves, and robs the machine of any claim of legitimacy.

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