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So, as I said - my thinking is coalescing at a rapid clip. Where I'm ending up is that Liberty (freedom) must be absolute. (If it's less than absolute, we need to come up with a new name for it. This is obvious, of course, but it takes a while to pull one's head far enough out of the Matrix that this becomes clear, and I just arrived!) Private property is the cornerstone of Liberty, so it must be sacrosanct. No mandatory assessment of any kind can be tolerated. None. (Give 'em an inch and you know happens. Remember - these clowns who want "just an inch" run the Good Intentions Paving Company...)

Here's a thought: "The State is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." F. Bastiat

Damn straight. And yet in every election we vote on our pet version of that exact fiction. It's actually not voting at all, and we should no longer call it that. We're merely bidding at auction for our neighbors property, and we're each bidding to buy the politician who promises us what we want - whether it's cradle to grave health care and 20 weeks of paid vacation or a cop behind every tree and a military that will obliterate Islam once and for all. Doesn't matter, because either vote - any vote - is predicated on the notion that the cost will largely be borne by others.

Yep. I've realized that voting is actually worse than a waste of time. It's ratifying theft (by surrogates) on a societal level. It would be much more honest (and efficient) if we'd merely steal each others cars!

Once we accept that Liberty cannot coexist with sanctioned theft, and when no politically viable candidate stands for Liberty, it's stupid to vote.

(Yes, I know Ron Paul was refreshing, but he was not politically viable. The machine saw to that. A vote for Paul was symbolic, and taking satisfaction from such a vote requires the delusion that someone in power cares about your symbolism. They don't. All I can say is they're pretty smug when, instead of shooting them, you do something completely pointless like voting and then go home feeling good about yourself. It was the likes of George Washington who last made a difference, and he wasn't much for symbolic acts!)

The simple truth is that the act of voting for any of these current scum is morally wrong, no matter how much we like what they promise. It's actually always been morally wrong to hire people to rob our neighbors in the guise of the common good, but it's particularly naive to do so at this late stage - even the village idiot can see that the government is only serving itself.

"The first law of economics is, there isn't enough to do everything. The first law of politics is to repeal the first law of economics." - T. Sowell

Yep. We've pretended we could repeal basic laws of economics, and we've spent so damn much that it's no longer mathematically possible to pay off the debt. We just bought two automakers, a giant insurance company, protection for countless Wall Street thieves & lying politicians and about ten million overpriced homes. True to form, we whipped out the Federal credit card and charged it all to our children, grandchildren, etc., etc., etc.

That's outright theft from the future just to pretend for a few more months that all this is ok and Obama really loves us, which brings me to my last quote:

"TANSTAAFL" (If, for God's sake, you don't know what this stands for, look it up.)

At this point, ANY vote ratifies the continuation of this thoroughly corrupt system. Voting constitutes consent, and our consent needs to be withdrawn in every possible way. NOT voting accomplishes two important things psychologically: 1) it's a personal acknowledgment of the scope of the problem and our complicity in it (to stop doing something bad is a moral act) and 2) it's physically refusing to play along. It may be scary, but you'll feel so much better when you reclaim your honesty...

Government is fake. Nothing about it is what they say it is. It's theatre. It's pretend. Someone needs to be the first to stop pretending, and they sure won't. It's up to us. The good news is - this is like any other bad play in theatrical history - it'll stop running just as soon as we quit buying tickets to the show.

No voting under this regime - this is the first thing.

There'll be more...


Anonymous said...

You missed the more hideous form of consent - payment of taxes.

fireplaceguy said...

As I said " - this is the first thing. There'll be more..."