Atlas Shrugged

Every day I turn on the news and see the latest machinations in Washington.

Naturally, I am reminded of the calamity in Taggart's Tunnel...

I'm pleased that a number of acquaintances have recently taken up reading Rand's seminal work - a real commitment for anyone who isn't a speed reader. In surveys, many readers rank "Shrugged" second only to the bible (I kid you not) as an influence in their daily lives. That is as it should be, for Rand makes the MORAL argument for self interest and shines the purest of light on the poseurs who "serve" us into oblivion while living so well on our backs.

Rand accurately predicted current events in a book written more than a half-century ago. This stands as one of the all-time great feats of observation, critical thinking and reasoning. There is in fact a physics governing human behavior, and in this realm of science "Shrugged" is a predictive thought experiment on par with any of Einstein's work.

I note that in step with the renewed interest in Atlas Shrugged comes a renewed smear campaign against Rand's process of clear thought. I see nothing in the way of honest debate in this line of criticism. Rather, the collectivist eunuchs of both wings are applying their anti-reason in hopes of muddying the waters to the point that nobody will read "Shrugged" for themselves. A (psuedo) intellectual book burning, if you will, by folks who aren't honest enough to use matches.

The moral of "Shrugged" is that collectivism is just the slow-motion gang-rape of the productive and self-reliant - a conclusion that is just about unavoidable for any sentient being on the scene today. The fact that it's a long read just accentuates the slow-motion nature of the crime, and adds considerably to the experience.

Get your copy, and get going...

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