The State of the Union...

...is (take your pick) fractured, pissed, bankrupt, delusional...

In the last 12 months, we've added another two-plus trillion to the national debt and another eight trillion in unfunded liabilities to our total obligations. This ten trillion is money that was stolen from us just as surely as if it was taken in an armed robbery - it's just that money stolen in this way bears interest that future generations have to pay. Unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies and business failures have soared. The government has taken over two automakers, more than a hundred banks and bailed out a gaggle of Wall Street insiders - all with money they had to print out of thin air.

All the while, the Boy King and his fellow travelers have been focused intently on their wet dream - socialized medicine. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!

We're a banana republic! When a once great nation is destroying itself by debt and delusion, we need to pay attention. I dread watching that petty little Marxist for an hour, but the collapse of an empire is a major chapter in history. To see the Pretender try to spin the last twelve months of damage to America will be worth the price.

So yes, I'll be watching the State of the Union speech. In American politics it's taboo to call a liar a liar during a live speech, so the idea has been advanced that the Republican "opposition" should just laugh tonight whenever he tells a particularly tall one or proposes some new gimmick. (That was for real?? We thought he was kidding!")

Laughter is a powerful weapon against a narcissist. Being laughed at on live TV will drive him nuts and throw him off his game. It would be great to see him lose it because America laughed at him. (And who knows - if the Republicans find that kind of fortitude they just might stumble on relevance as well. It's funny how these things work...)

In the aftermath, I'll have comments...

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