And Vaseline's NOT Included...

Senate Democrats are poised to raise the debt ceiling to $14.3 trillion - an increase of $1.9 trillion. They project/pretend/hallucinate that this will be sufficient to cover the government's borrowing needs through the rest of this year.

An anonymous finance committee member said "You see, we sorta borrowed too much, which, like, well, you know, turned out to be a mistake, sorta, so we're borrowing some more to, like, fix it now. Or at least, er, the money we need to prepare, um, to get ready to, like, to commence to begin to start, uh, working on, like, fixing it." (Ha - sure sounds like them, doesn't it??)

Perhaps people will wake up to what they're doing to us when a Big Mac is $89.95, Coke (diet, of course) is $35 and you can't afford fries because you need your other $1150 to fill the tank.

Then again, maybe not...

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