Erik Scott Inquest Update

Well, results from the first day of the inquest are in.

LVPD is indeed going the character assassination route. They're going decades into Erik's past alleging drug use, although no illegal drugs were found in his system. These arguments have no legal validity, but when you don't have a real case you run with emotion.

The medical examiner admitted that Erik was shot five times in the back. His death was ruled a homicide, for whatever that's worth.

The medical examiner spent a long time on his tox results, with the help of giant charts. She made much of the fact that Erik had five times the lethal level of morphine in his blood when he was shot. (Apparently he was dead the whole time he was in the store.) If only the family attorney could have cross examined that bimbo on her lethal dose BS - but cross examination is not allowed in this marsupial court.

Once yesterday, the Scott family attorney lost all self control and dared to object to something out loud. He was scolded for being out of order, but I'm sure the cops wanted to shoot him for behaving erratically.

LVPD produced an eyewitness, a Costco employee, who testified that Erik drew his gun and aimed it at a cop. She swears that she was eight feet away and saw the whole incident clearly. Yet, she saw only one cop (??!?!?) and failed in several other ways to corroborate earlier police testimony. Again, we need cross examination...

The Scotts fully expect to lose at the inquest.

Stay tuned. (Or, if you wish to watch something less staged, I recommend Survivor, American Idol and Lady Gaga videos.)

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