Anyone else have a feeling of "suspended animation"???

The still fall air brings not merely a portent of seasonal change, but of unease - of something ominous looming around the corner. I can't shake it, yet there's no movement - like that cartoon where you've stepped off the cliff but gravity hasn't kicked in yet.

The election looms, but with the suspicion that the Republican version of hope and change won't be much different than the one we're already living. And in a way, I dread the confirmation of that thesis even more than I dread the status quo. If I'm right, that's one more door closed behind us, and no new door open in front. So, the days crawl...

Work is strange, as customers and suppliers both seem to be waiting for some defining event that tells them what to do next. The seasonal aspect of my business should be picking up, but much seems to be on hold. So we go through the motions.

I expect a false flag event any day, but nothing, thankfully, has happened yet.

When I read a book, it's prep stuff or doomer fiction. It's what's relevant. We go to dinner at a non-prepper friends house, expecting a break from it all, and now they're worried. They repeatedly steer the conversation to preps. I gave them simple ways to start, and they actually wrote them down. I'm sure that's why we were invited.

I look at the financial news, but with a dark fascination - expecting to see the Dow plummet, or that Greece or California has imploded. Inflation is rearing it's head, particularly in food and household goods. Recent talk of more stimulus puts paid to all Washington's hot air about a recovery. It wouldn't surprise me at all to wake up, turn on the 'puter and find that the Arabs will only sell oil for gold from now on. Yet, here, too, a relative stasis.

So here I sit. It's right in front of me, yet it's strangely remote - like watching a movie of people waiting for the bad news, news that everyone knows is coming, but which never arrives.

Do you feel like you're just going through the motions, just waiting for the other shoe to drop?

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