Sarah Palin's Odd Connection to Scientology

I've made no secret of the fact that I do not trust Sarah Palin. She is clearly a player in the machine, and likely the next pied piper of the right, poised to lead the Tea Partyers back into the Republican corral come 2012. She's always a bit too cheerful for the subject at hand, in which way reminiscent of Frances McDormand's dissonant character Marge in "Fargo".

Now I hear of a bizarre connection to Scientology. Seems her friend/adviser John Coale, who just happens to be Greta van Susteren's hubby, is a high level Scientologist. So, too, is van Susteren, if you care.

Nominally a Dhimmicrat, Coale jumped to Palin's side when Hillary lost the primary and has been there ever since. A quick Google search provided plenty of corroboration of this -

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Athanasius said...

I am glad to see you mention the Palin-Coale connection. It is deeply disturbing to conservatives knowledgeable about the abuses of Scientology. No Republican politician should have anything to do with the cult for the following reasons:

1. Scientology coerces every woman in the Sea Org to abort her child if she is pregnant (Sea Org is the elite that run everything in the cult.) There is a major report in the St. Petersburg Times on these coerced abortions - No Kids Allowed.

2. Scientology's War on Psychiatry. (See Katharine Mieszkowski's excellent article in Salon of this name). Scientology leader David Miscavige has set two goals for Scientologists:

One - placing Scientology at the absolute center of society.

Two - the total eradication of psychiatry in all its forms.

All Scientologists including John Coale and Greta Van Susteren believe that the world faces imminent destruction because it is under the control of psychiatry and the mental health professions. They must be destroyed and replaced by L. Ron Hubbard's pseudo-scientific counseling and "the purification rundown", a dangerous regime of vitamin overdosing and saunas for five hours a day for weeks on end. These are considered "religious doctrine" by the IRS. In fact they are sheer quackery.

Numerous Republican politicians have sponsored anti-psychiatry legislation in Florida, Utah, Nevada and elsewhere, They have promoted Narconon, Scientology's drug rehab program that is its number one money maker and which presents Scientology religious doctrines and practices as secular "applied religious philosophy."

Sharron Angle has injected Scientology as an issue in national electoral politics in her race against Sue Lowden and now against Harry Reid. She is unrepentant about her legitimization of Scientology and promotion of a Narconon affiliate for Nevada government funding. (See her interviews with National Review and Human Events)

All politicians are handled by Scientology's intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) under the micromanagement of Scientology leader David Miscavige, whose violence and abuse have been exposed in the SP Times’ The Truth Rundown.

So we have pro-life Southern Baptist Sharron Angle and Evangelical pro-life icon Sarah Palin, (under manipulation by an intelligence agency), legitimizing and promoting an organization that coerces women into abortion and is actively engaged in the destruction of the mental health and social service professions. Scientology celebrity trial lawyer John Coale has been a leading warrior in the War on Psychiatry. He advises Palin, set up SarahPAC, and runs it from behind the scenes.

Religious opposition to Scientology is on the rise, and the Catholic Church has become its leading religious critic.

Cardinal Ouellet of Quebec has criticized and warned Catholics about Scientology at his last two press lunches. He is now going to Rome as head of the powerful Congregation of Bishops, and is a leading candidate to become the next pope. OSA in Italy has threatened to sue an order of Catholic nuns for publishing a book by an Italian Catholic ex-Scientologist.

Most disastrous in the presence of Greta Van Susteren at Fox News. Catholics Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are not going to be interviewing women coerced into abortion by Scientology any time soon. OSA has silenced criticism of Scientology at the highest level of the Republican Party.

There are no upsides and only downsides to associating with Scientology and its programs. There are continuing revelations about its abuse and violence and rising political opposition that now has the Australian Senate in action. Palin’s association with Coale and Van Susteren will become increasingly scandalous.

The only solution for Sarah Palin is to completely sever her relationship with Coale and Van Susteren.